best animated .gif ever

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Countdown to Iron Maiden: 10 Hours!

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yes, we are goin off tonight! run to the hills!

Overheard on the Train

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So it’s not like I was trying to eavesdrop or anything, but these two guys were talking REALLY loudly on the train this morning. It was a fantastic conversation and here’s just a snippet of what I picked up–imagine 2 middle aged dudes having this convo, both of them speaking with a decidedly non-inside voice and gesticulating wildly:

Dude A: “You do realize that I was at level 57 in Kalimdor, right?!?!?”

Dude B: “Hey, I’m just sick of being asked to be Warlock; I want to be a healer and you know goddamn well that if I can capture Soulstine and keep my Health up, I could do it…”

Dude A: “Well, I have the talent of the imposing look and I can make people look at me and just die – it’s pretty sweet and these are with level caps and rushing skills in place. I mean, it’s just insane how I’m able to get through Arathi Basin. And it’s not like I have the Twin Blades of Azinoth or anything!”

Dude B: “At my level, even regardless of whether I’m in an instance playing either Tank, DPS or Healer, if I don’t have a weapons pack that offers at least a plus 44 healing effect, it’s just not going to last against the level 60 jerks with the magic daggers and fast maces.”

Delightful, I know. You’re Welcome.

haven’t written anything on here in a while…

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and i’m not starting now because i’m late for my train. happy weekend, kids.

am i the only one that finds the placement of these two stories next to each other hilarious?!?!

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get it? bert fields? 93 years old? bert fields? see, it’s funny b/c if you know anything about mr. fields, you’d know that he’s, well, you know…you really don’t get it do you? ok, nevermind then.

and in case anyone from greenberg glusker is thinking about sending me a threatening email, i’ll tell you this at the outset: suck it.

pic of the day

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nice work, todd!

R.I.P. Healey

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Now this just completely blows. Jeff Healey was truly an icon. And hopefully I don’t need to remind anyone that in addition to being a kick ass guitarist and singer, bro was in Road House. Story is HERE. RIP.