Welcome to the semi-annual Pantastic Music Report…

While I generally shy away from music recommedations (past postings aside), there are a few artists that may or may not be worth checking out right now. Here goes:

1. Arctic Monkeys — DISCLAIMER: I usually outright reject indie bands, especially those from the U.K. that everyone insists are “the next big thing.”

These Sheffield kids have already been panned by some as not being as talented as other UK superacts. Ok, Alex Turner doesn’t snort lines of coke off the torso of Kate Moss (see Pete D. ) or constantly subject the general public to sibling ego machinations (Noel & Liam). Nonetheless, these kids will make you dance!

2. Edguy — Metal. Check it.

3. KT Tunstall

4. Rosanne Cash


~ by norba920 on 5 February, 2006.

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