dean on the daily show, thanks to nikki and some music…

just watched john dean chillin’ with jon stewart from yesterday via TiVo. brother was layin it down goldwater-republican-style. hopefully it’ll be on google or YouTube tomorrow — was almost scary to see how a goldwater GOP dude now comes across as left of center. wow. the more things change…

in other news, nikki has added me to her blog. thanks, nikki. for some reason though, i feel pressure now to actually post regularly. most folks who know me understand perfectly well that i rarely have much insightful to offer. there’s a parallel here between my blogging and jimmy carter’s insistence on carrying his own suitcase onto air force one, but i’m not gonna go into it.

finally, i’ve been scoping the new muse and thom yorke albums. muse: b+; ty: b. oh yeah, speaking of music, PRINCE RULES. 3121 and Musicology have been getting lots of airplay on WROB lately. mr paisley park simply kills it.


~ by norba920 on 12 July, 2006.

One Response to “dean on the daily show, thanks to nikki and some music…”

  1. with this addition you MUST make regular updates, though.

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