closed for the season, weeds and ahmadi-nejad

had a good weekend with some law school friends up to the farm.

in related news, the magnolia plantation entertainment complex is officially closed for the season. get your reservations in early for next season, folks, which will feature a new dock for the pond, elephant rides, a 4 lane bungee run and an even larger selection of negligently displayed and operated firearms. good times, kids, good times.

speaking of entertainment, weeds — season 2 starts tomorrow night and we’ve been catching up on season 1 over the weekend. overall, a very entertaining show with the most annoying and instantly catchy theme song ever (“little boxes” by malvina reynolds). a highlight this season (albeit dorky) is that the song will be performed by a different artist each week, including elvis costello, death cab and most awesomely, ozomatli. get out!

and finally, an uncut version (90 mins!) of mike wallace’s interview with iranian pres ahmadi-nejad will be on c-span tonight. from what aired on 60 mins last night, wallace threw down pretty well on mahmoud and really pressed him at times. nice work coming out of retirement and snagging this interview. it’ll be interesting to watch the whole thing and see what cbs cut. viva wallace!


~ by norba920 on 14 August, 2006.

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