autograft fun!

so my left knee surgery yesterday went off without a hitch. waking up from the fog of general anesthesia is always a good time. apparently the dr. got a good tight fit for my new acl, but discovered once he got in there that my meniscus is torn beyond repair, so i’ll just have to live with it. no problem; i can deal with that.

they gave me a nerve block just like last time and that has worked quite nicely to completely numb the leg from the hip to the ankle. it’s starting to wear off, though, and i can feel the pain setting in behind the knee. this means that in about 3-4 hours i’ll be experiencing something akin to being attacked by 3 evil gnomes — one hits me in the kneecap with a spike, one continuously smashes my shin from the kneecap to the ankle with a small baseball bat, and one burns the entire area around my knee with a propane torch. yeah, maybe that sounds too dramatic, but it’s kinda like that. that’s how it was with the last surgery at least. so while i’m not totally looking forward to the next 5-7 days of moderate to intense pain, i’m excited to have gotten the surgeries over with.

ok, gotta go. the fedex guy just delivered my priority-overnight-packed-in-dry-ice giordano’s recovery pizza. woo hoo! pizza and a percoset party!


~ by norba920 on 24 August, 2006.

3 Responses to “autograft fun!”

  1. nice idea to add the pizza to the friday night perckies! thanks for the tip.

  2. mmmm..percoset. good times!

  3. ohhh… acl… i have done both of mine… the oxycontin was good but not really worth the rehab… the femeral nerve block… that was a gift of the gods… i trust you are getting along better now…

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