recovery from the knee surgery is going well. short term disability is a beautiful thing — i’ve been realizing that this is the last time most likely until i retire that i’ll get to not work, but still get paid and not be taking vacation time. realizing this makes the cutting open of my knee and subsequent anguish much more enjoyable. hooray.

my recovery music has included: the brian jonestown massacre, flaming lips, under the influence of giants, gran bel fisher, alexisonfire, lamb of god, damian marley (thanks to zach for that recommendation), icarus line, kinky friedman, los lonely boys and ted leo.  not that anyone asked. just thought i’d share.

also been working on my christmas wishlist and thus far i have: suede firetending gloves and leather falconry goggles. feel free to submit your ideas for other items you think i would like to receive. the phone lines open at the end of this post…


~ by norba920 on 7 September, 2006.

2 Responses to “well…”

  1. assuming that the firetending gloves are to be pink and fur-lined…please advise if not

  2. you are correct, michele! baby seal fur, of course.

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