happy b-day, me!

booyakasha! it was a good birthday overall. started off the day with a fine birthday breakfast consisting of a bald eagle egg omelette while listening to “it’s my life” by bon jovi on infinite repeat. the lovely meal gave me a chance to contemplate my goals for the next year, which may involve honing (or developing) my welding and sewing skills. career-wise, i’m thinking about sticking with the law for at least another year and putting off my plan to become a roller coaster consultant until probably 2nd quarter 2008.

apparently, something is wrong with our mail, because the box truck full of birthday gifts i was anticipating did not arrive today. i guess i’ll have to wait until tomorrow, which is fine, because opening all of those presents at one time gets to be a downer because it really slows down my drinking. thanks in advance to all of you who gave gifts and for those of you who didn’t, it’s not too late!


~ by norba920 on 20 September, 2006.

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