ok, we’re back from a fantastic vacation. highlights:

charlene and gordo’s wedding: wedding was awesome and so much fun — 3 fantastic days in st. pete hanging out with a bunch of the law school kids and jesse’s uva crew at the pool, under the stars and on the historic vinoy veranda until the wee hours (sun up?). we managed to not get kicked out somehow despite loud games of twosies on blanchard’s portable stereo machine. wedding itself was killer–outside, perfect weather–definitely the most beautiful facility i’ve been to for a wedding. good news–pam (master of the disappearing contact) has moved back to dc from nyc and we’re hoping julanne will follow suit soon. in other good news, becca likes my mixtape and probably doesn’t hate me anymore. woo! so, after a weekend of watching our room fridge magically produce canned corona (shared with andy, who got yelled at by the bartender on another matter), catching up with everyone and enjoying the splendor of the vinoy, we slept for about an hour after retiring from the reception festivities and then hopped in a 6:30am cab to the airport to fly to:

the bahamas — beautiful, yes, but no plans to go back, at least to new providence. cable beach is pretty sweet and the all-inclusive place we stayed has a fantastic facility outside, complete with swim-up bars (where you can also order food–kinda odd to see a dude in the pool swimming with a pina colada in one hand and a plate full of cheeseburger and fries in the other), multiple pools, crystal blue ocean water, and a couple of locals running the watersports center who were more than happy to offer guests a chance to (1) grab a cuban; (2) toke the chronic or; (3) score some bahamian blow (dude to me: “mon, it’s always snowing in da bahamas! you want?” me to dude: “naw, i’m good, can i just get one of those floaty chair things with no coke?” (colleen calls it “booger sugar” and i wish i would’ve said that). nassau was interesting–a steamy, bustling little tourist trap that reminded me of africa a bit, so that was cool. highlights of the trip included parasailing and watching colleen risk my fortune at the blackjack table. thankfully, she’s a good player and we walked away barely down. overall, a good time, but i think we’ll stick with bermuda for awhile (only an hour and a half away).

it’s good to be back and catch up with everyone. news includes:

(1) the new taj van hall is almost open for business; (2) sutter may or may not be steering his law practice solely towards bigamy cases; (3) my friend zach pappas is in a new band called ‘stealing bismark’. their first gig is friday night in columbus oh-high-oh, and apparently they are a mazzy star cover band. word on the street is that they’ll be playing 6 sets consisting, basically, of that song “fade into you” turned in to dream-pop opera (or “popera”). it’ll be all over youtube sat morning, so check it out then if you can’t make the show because you live hundreds of miles away.


~ by norba920 on 18 October, 2006.

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