good halloween weekend down in d.c. with the kids. a few pics are here, but i had to leave off some pics because the costumes may not be SFW (esp. jeremiah & anastasia and that dude sutter knows that was dressed as a stripper(!)…) had a awesome rally session/electric six dance party at the new capitol hill taj van hall #2 with oberon beer, mikey’s crazy rum drinks and yet another killer air band performance to “roundabout” by yes. playing drums in air band is tiring, especially since everyone had to pick up the slack because charlie wasn’t there to throw down on the keytar. then it was off to various other venues around the city including getting the wrong address and attending the wrong party in dupont–and staying at said party for a while because they were rocking a confederate flag out front. beautiful. overall, a delightful evening, and my fellow revelers were quite tickled by my kim jong il costume. halloween 2006, check.


~ by norba920 on 30 October, 2006.

One Response to “recovering”

  1. Rob, that YOU as KJI?! I thot it was the Il-meister himself come to party…that’s a sweet costume!

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