man crush


ok, so we watched one of the best pieces of television i’ve seen in years last night – iconoclasts featuring laird and eddie vedder, on sundance. i really, really dig this new show and the one last week with chapelle and dr. angelou was amazing, but it just doesn’t get any better than laird on tv. even if he’s just flossing his teeth, the dude is the epitome of cool. well, the show gave a nice overview of laird and eddie individually and also hit on the good stuff (teahupoo, peahi “jaws”, etc.).

if you get the chance, definitely check the show out. and while you’re at it, also on my recommendation list is: riding giants, all aboard the crazy train, step into liquid and of course the seminal surf movie endless summer II. there’s nothing that adds more to the holiday spirit for me than basking in the warm glow and sweet aroma of a newly set-up christmas tree while watching laird ride the heaviest wave ever. ah… 

and before anyone says anything, yes, i’ll admit that there is a slight bit of a man crush going on here, but it’s not as bad as the one that charlie has for patterson hood. and matt maddox has delusions of grandeur that he IS laird. ah, crazy cap’n irascible…

that’s about all for now. had a good thanksgiving and fantastic weekend before that with the west and pappas clans in oh-high-oh. pure awesomeness.


~ by norba920 on 5 December, 2006.

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