al the cat and showbar

 al the cat

weekend recap for those of you that missed it: me and sutter and some mary washington kids (featuring omar) at whitlows (i hadn’t been back to the old neighborhood since arguing college!), showbar, rock and roll hotel and maybe someplace else (the red and the black?). good times in the atlas district, especially because i got to hang out with al the cat at POW–he’s definitely the best bar cat i’ve come across yet–so laid back. there’s something about being in a bar surrounded by circus freak show performers and drinking a beer while having a cool cat on your lap (or shoulder). i recommend it.

other than that, heading to purple rain town soon for early christmas, so get in your request lists for mall of america items soon, kids.

oh yeah, check out green street hooligans. my buddy zach always has great movie recommendations and told me about it. a nice primer on football firm culture for the uninitiated (even talks about the tottenham “yids”!).


~ by norba920 on 13 December, 2006.

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