anthony bourdain is such a badass


make sure and catch the new season of no reservations on now — the season premier was on ireland and it was fabeeous.

the weather around the DC metro area has been nuts lately. supposed to almost hit 70 on sat — early options include: (1) motorcycle ridin’ to break in the new berik ovs-pro boots, (b) hike the appalachian trail (easy cos’ it’s right down the street)–maybe with charlie if he’s not sleeping in his car at dulles, (3) mid-winter yardwork and quality john deere tractor time. we’ll see what happens.

finally, resolutions:

i don’t make resolutions. but there are some things i’d like to do:

1. see a tuvan throat singing concert.

2. more CLEs — esp. mezzanine finance issues.

3. sewing and welding.

4. more remy xo. with tacos, but of course.

5. simplify, simplify, simply fly.

6. tbd.

hope all of you are having dandy 2007 thus far.


~ by norba920 on 4 January, 2007.

6 Responses to “anthony bourdain is such a badass”

  1. Weather everywhere’s been nuts and I’m not looking forward to the summer, that’s fer sher.
    BTW, hiking the AT gets my vote, y’all.

  2. as long as you’re flying, why don’t you make a stop in ohio?

  3. oh, and sutter has some crazy hungry eye in that picture!

  4. ok. that comment should have been left below. sorry.

  5. yes, nikki, he does indeed. as for flying to OH, i did that already in 2006, so i’ll have to come up with something else for 2007. maybe teleportation to ohio. we’ll see.
    michele, your vote for the AT has been duly noted and will be considered at the meeting of the executive council tomorrow a.m. thanks.

  6. i was thinking more along the lines of superman flying, not airplane.

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