those of you who were too lame to come out on saturday (because you were on a date, or celebrating a “birthday”or “anniversary”, or recovering from “major surgery”, etc.) really dropped the ball in the fun department. the first weekend of 2007 started out in high style with the one of the best outings in recent memory. this was due in large part to markypw’s last-minute decision to take the train down from newark to hang out and tell us all his marvelous tales of living in the greatest apartment the world has ever known. this surprise visit necessarily included nottigan, feely, tim and rob into the mix for an extra good time. marky even got his pic in front of michael jordan’s car (pic above). mikey’s wise suggestion to hit rumba was a deelight. end of the night fun with bella capped off an extraordinary evening. oh yeah, did i mention also that BBQ IV (a.k.a. the karl rove of an unnamed d.c. ward’s ANC) was also there? yeah, kids, the night was THAT good.


~ by norba920 on 8 January, 2007.

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  1. I like your new layout….

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