bye Pod


Op/Ed To that dude that hangs out in front of the Metro station every morning rocking your conspicuously displayed 80 gig video iPod, including white earbuds, I have this to say: I think you should wear a giant sign that says, “PLEASE ROB ME!,” because that’s pretty much what you’re daring all of us people to do. Seriously, that homeless guy that pees in the corner while chain-smoking Kools is totally gonna gank your little device really soon. I’ve seen him and his buddies scoping it out alot lately. Also, since I know you’ll be one of the first people to get an iPhone, you have plenty of time to get prepared for the fact that you’ll get robbed of that as well. Just wanted to let you know in advance, that’s all.

Finally and speaking of the iPhone, John Mayer throws his hat into the ring for Stupidist-Qoute-of-the-Year with this one: “Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. make life more fun. It’s the exact opposite of terrorism,” says Mayer.  Geebus.


~ by norba920 on 9 January, 2007.

5 Responses to “bye Pod”

  1. What is ‘gank’? is this a word or a typo? If it is a word, pls explain arrival of word in lang. use. Thx

  2. m: you’ve never heard this term? it’s slang, a verb meaning “to steal.” it was common parlance on the mean streets i grew up on…

  3. Well. OBVIOUSLY, that’s the meaning since I can “read” and “find meaning from context” but I did not know if it were something new, old, borrowed, or blue. Also, I really like Mint M&Ms and I just can’t stop eating the ones Troy got me for Christmas.
    That’s all.

  4. ok, smartass. enjoy those m&ms. “gank” is old as far as i know. check it:

  5. Dude! THANK you for the link. (I’m totally serious here). It is very cool and will help fill that linquistic void created by being very uncool.

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