i like the wi-fi connection on the commuter train i ride because it gives me a chance to post random silly things


1. ok, everyone probably already knows about the amazon 30-day price guarantee, but i just had it finally work for me for the first time. i used refundplease.com and just got back $17 bucks. soooo easy. if you don’t know about it, check it and spread it.

2. get smart with MIT OpenCourseWare! they even have a class called “Riots, Strikes and Conspiracies in American History.” just reading through the course titles reminds me that i’m getting dumber every day. wow. thanks to mikey for #s 1 & 2…

3. tom petty rocks, that’s all. also, attention random people i talk to in bars: it’s 2007 now and i’m officially sick of hearing how intense cookie mountain is. i know it’s a cool album. please stop talking about it so much. please?

4. sealand is for sale/transfer. i’ve always loved the story of sealand — such a great example of the enigma that is international “law.” the listing is here (in spanish). anyone wanna go halfsies in on it? despite the €750, 000,000 asking price, word on the street is that they’ll take anything over 8 figures…

5. BREAKING: new jersey smells.

6. i’m officially hooked on organic beef jerky after my friends zach and nikki (you’ll get a 404 error when you click on nikki’s link because she had to take her blog down since she was running one of those nigerian bank scams from it, fyi) sent me some for christmas. they had both given me a stern lecture on the “dangers” of MSG a while ago, and while i appreciate the gesture in sending me the healthier stuff, my subsequent addiction to it makes me realize that they might as well have sent me a bag of blow ‘cos it’s probably as expensive. thanks, pappases. it’s all your fault.


~ by norba920 on 9 January, 2007.

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