nikki’s birthday — countdown 0 days


happy b-day nikki! here’s to celebrating another year of life for a fantastic lady and great friend. per usual, make sure and have a drink (a miller lite to keep it real) to celebrate the occasion (whether you know nikki or not). i’ll be collecting money from everyone to buy me some sweet new rims for my car her an awesome birthday present, so email me and i’ll give you my paypal details so you can deposit money directly into my bank account. and if you see me next week with killer new rims on my car, just realize that nikki has a really generous heart and would want it that way…


~ by norba920 on 6 February, 2007.

6 Responses to “nikki’s birthday — countdown 0 days”

  1. thanks, rob!
    and actually, my generous heart is more interested in seeing you get that new mac you’ve been wanting, rather than the rims. but i’ll keep the rims in mind the next time i’m searching for that perfect gift for you.

  2. It’s Nikki’s Birthday? Too bad she doesn’t have a blog upon which I can say ‘happy birthday’! and what is that pic?

  3. m: danny bonaduce is nikki’s favorite celebrity. you didn’t know that? i mean really!

  4. especially a shirtless danny b! it makes me tingly all over.

  5. see, i told you, m. she loves her some danny b.

  6. *sigh* I don’t even know who that is!!!

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