TFL’07 countdown — 4 days

|         Thanksforlivin’ 2007                    ||’| ” \,__
|__…__…____________ ====|=||_|__|……… ,]
“(@) ‘(@)                       “(@)(@)*******(@)*I

ah yes, the yearly spectacle that is Thanksforlivin’ commences at the TajVanHall/GayBar sat. night. mad speculation is already underway as to what culinary and alcoholic wonders mikey will grace us with this year. we also have to wonder whether richie will be coaxed again into eating meal worms and whether anyone will inadvertantly set off the fire alarm in mikey’s building.

for those of you not lucky enough to be invited, the click link to the video invite in the truck above.

i’m just glad to know that mikey has stuck to his principles and maintained the ABC rule again this year. that’s Anything But Chardonnay, btw.




~ by norba920 on 6 February, 2007.

2 Responses to “TFL’07 countdown — 4 days”

  1. Mmmmm boxed wine, mealworms, and “accidently” setting off Mike’s fire alarm at 4:00 am (again).

  2. no doubt, let the franzia freely flow! i know the fire alarm was your fault, even though you were the farthest away from it.

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