TFL ’07 an Overwhelming Success


many kudos to mikey for making this the best ThanksForLivin ever. although it was too frigid to enjoy rooftop beer pong, he more than made up for it with some stunning gastronomic feats including: his famous jerk pork tenderloin, carrot-blood orange flan with thai basil on a butter wafer, wasabi foam, melt-your-face-off buffalo curds, mojito jello shots, carbonated fruit, white chocolate & caviar, and a bunch of other stuff i can’t remember.

charlie did his part by bringing a bottle of jim beam and also re-joining the air band on keytar for another killer performance of “roundabout” that also had matt “wu-tang closing argument” sutter yelling at me for missing my cue between the 5th chorus and verse 9. unfortunately, a few people left and missed the end-of-night dance party to the “Alf” theme song.

as you can see from the pictures, we also turned it into a full-on awesome moustache party (lamb chops optional) which made everybody even more full of mirth.

other highlights included: diana oo’s attendance, red wine party-testing mikey’s stain proof carpet and lots of drinks with dry ice.

see pics of all this and more, HERE (note: pics do not include me in the back of karey’s truck on the way to the times or how we nearly pulled a charlie by almost having to sleep in the ultimate edition–it all worked out because we at least got to listen to an 11 minute version of ccr doing “i heard it through the grapevine” at 3am–thanks sutter).


~ by norba920 on 12 February, 2007.

2 Responses to “TFL ’07 an Overwhelming Success”

  1. Awww, Jim Beam – you bastard. I totally forgot about the burnt cork mustaches – that explains the black residue all over my pillow.

  2. yes, i had totally forgotten too, and now it explains why the bartender at the dubliner late night kept laughing whenever i asked for something. as much as he’ll try to convince us otherwise, jim beam is not our friend…

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