there’s a dangerous freedom in the funk!


daaaaaaamn! i’ve dug both tavis smiley and dr. cornel west for a long time, and these dudes continue to make it happen. imo, tavis is the best thing in american media by far (support PRI). to close out the week, check out tavis’ discussion with dr. west from monday HERE.

highlights include:

1. re: dr. king — “brother martin was a fusion of the socratic, with the prophetic, with democratic ends…” — dr. c.w.

2. re: jesus — “jesus has been ‘santaclausified’ for the last 2,000 years — deodorized, manicured, sterilized…and yet there’s the blood, constituting a major threat! why? because love and justice are a serious thing in a world obsessed with fear, hatred and greed!” — again, dr. c.w.

if you have a few minutes, check out tavis and dr. west throwin’ down. awesomeness.


~ by norba920 on 22 February, 2007.

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