pool party

sutter is having another party.

it’s called Day at the Zoo II: The Return of Omar. allegedly it’s a pool party so bring a towel. it’s FOR REAL!



~ by norba920 on 25 April, 2007.

3 Responses to “pool party”

  1. sutter loves his bananas and pop! crazy aqua fun! why is he wearing a top hat in the pool? and why does he have a GIANT hand?
    really there are medications for that…

  2. Someone needs to tell Sutter and Obama not to wear shirts and jackets in the pool. Also, I think sutter has jaundice. His face is paler than the rest of his body.

  3. in the one pic, his face is all green. that’s because he sleeps using a pillow that is stuffed with hundred dollar bills.
    someone needs to tell obama not to smoke in the pool either. it’s gonna be dirty enough from all the pee in it.

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