day at the zoo 2: recap


o-mar! o-mar! o-mar!

sutter threw a great party that included: jeremy’s fire mowing, omar, negligently played whiffleball, PIÑATAS packed with liquor bottles, europe and van halen air band (starring dave the multi-instrumentationalist), mikey’s busch lite can sprinkler, games: beer pong and flippy cup, omar stalking mikey, mark and becky, tim blowing fireballs with the assistance of a giant bottle of old forester, kami’s ihop sobering-up theory, and many more things that allegedly occurred. sutter’s newly installed shed padlock could not deter us and tim may or may not have been tortured so that he would reveal the secret code. also, drew just kept it real like he always does.

and to cap off the evening, stephen, jeremy and toby of legendary ska band THE PIETASTERS came out to hang and pound hook & ladder! luckily for them, charlie had left before they got there because i think he would have kissed each of them on the mouth for being such an awesome band.

pics are HERE.


~ by norba920 on 14 May, 2007.

2 Responses to “day at the zoo 2: recap”

  1. So pissed I missed the Pietasters. Dammit.

  2. chuckles–it’s just like mikey told you a few days ago:
    “…Even the fat kid wearing the Babylon 5 t-shirt…he got a

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