ha! david gray is used to torture people! no, seriously.

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I suppose it makes sense that detainees do not enjoy listening to Deicide’s Glen Benton scream demon growls over bruutttaallly fast black metal, but I love the fact that David Gray is used to torture detainees, according to Mother Jones HERE. The list mostly makes perfect sense (e.g. the Meow Mix song), EXCEPT for the glaring absence of Jack Johnson.


Ed Force One!

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So awesome. Gotta get a plan together to figure out a way to fly on this thing. Ok, folks, feel free to email me suggestions that do NOT involve felonies or misdemeanors (Note: fraud is an exception to this rule)…

Yes! Another endorsement for Barry GO-bama!

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Looks like Gov. Sebelius is endorsing Barry! He’s on a roll with endorsements this week. GO-bama!

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Yes! The new DBT dropped today!

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if you don’t like this album, I seriously have to question whether you truly support our Troops or not. ‘Nuff said–go buy this album and a case of sterling bigmouth and play it as loud as possible. Go off!

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Tweak Bird & Max Neutra


countdown: 6 days

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